Italian international joint school project experience

                      Italian international joint school project experience
                      Italian international joint school project experience
                      Italian international joint school project experience

The Concept

G.E.T Educational Tours, in conjunction with our international partner MMExProM, is offering a unique international student program!

Today’s students are global learners, and their learning should not be confined to the classroom. School communities and families also reap the benefits of student international programs and it is with this in mind that G.ET Educational Tours, in partnership with our Italian partners are pleased to present the Italian school joint project experience for 2018.

The collaborative project offers Australian schools an opportunity to work closely with an Italian school in Italy. All projects are led by experienced teaching staff who constantly liaise with our partners in Italy and Australia.

A suitable school and project is selected on an enquiry based method between teachers and our experienced partners, who are both secondary school teachers in Italy and Australia, and have been organising programs for over 15 years. Together you will decide on the location of the school and the theme of the project.

Focusing on a global topic, students work collaboratively as they explore their chosen theme and is based on an enquiry based method/CLIL principles.

Students will attend morning group classes, speaking Italian and will use their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary whilst working on their chosen project with their Italian partner school.

This also creates the opportunity of a continual school collaboration. Australian schools can visit Italy and also arrange to accept Italian students during the school year.

The options and opportunities are endless!

Please note:

You can also have the opportunity, along with the students from the Italian school, to visit neighbouring cities, museum, attractions or attend evening activities.

Projects can also be tailored to cross curriculum students who may be studying for example, Art, History, Religion or food technology, to work alongside Italian students studying English.

Programs can also be based around National Curriculum / VCE Study Designs and also an introduction to the detailed study component of the unit four oral for languages.

On request CLIL or multi-faculty conferencing or job shadowing for teachers can be organised.


The Program

Who can participate?

  • The program works best with students from 14-18 years of age. Any school can participate.
What group size is best?

  • A minimum of 10 students is required for the joint school project. A maximum of 30 is recommended.  
What does the program include?

  • It includes the professional services of our experienced Italian and Australian teaching staff who will organise and lead the joint school project based on the schools needs and focus
  • It also includes the opportunity for a continual school collaboration
How long is the program?

  • The international project experience is a 3 day or 5 day option, which you might combine with a longer Italian school travel itinerary. G.E.T will arrange your tour itinerary including the visit to your partner school
How are schools selected?

  • Teachers will work directly with our Italian partners to explore a suitable school from the many options currently available
How are the joint projects experiences selected?

  • These are personalised programs, and are devised on the school’s curriculum focus and needs. Teachers work directly with our Italian partners and experienced teachers to create a personalised program
What benefits can we expect to see for our students, their families, and the school community?

  • Total immersion in the host country for students and teachers is a powerful learning experience, in conjunction with the focus on curriculum goals
  • Improvements in linguistic and communication skills as students are forced to speak Italian with their new peers
  • Focus on global learning so students build knowledge and understanding of the world around them
  • Encourages students to work together as a team
  • Possibility to enter a network of schools to work together on different curriculums and projects 
What support is available for Australian teachers?

  • Support and expertise is provided by teaching professionals who are able to coordinate and execute your personalised CLIL project alongside teachers and Principals
  • Support extends to consulting, organising and executing your chosen project topic