Frequently Asked Questions

While teachers approach us often with questions that are specific to their tour destination or tour type, some questions are more general.  Here are some of the most commonly asked general questions. For more specific questions please contact our team.

I have never taken a group overseas before. Will I be okay?

Yes, G.E.T. recognises that within the context of school travel, a risk assessment is the basis of a plan for how the group leader expects to lead their group on the trip with the objective of arriving home safe and sound. It is very important that you follow the guidelines for your particular school and the Department of Education. G.E.T. Educational Tours has pro forma documents to assist you with key parts of your risk assessment, saving you time and effort in areas like accommodation and travel.

Can you organise tours to other countries?

Yes. Please ask your tour consultant.

Can you assist with risk assessments?

The experienced staff at G.E.T. Educational Tours have been assisting teachers like you take groups to overseas destinations for over 30 years. G.E.T. employs many former teachers who understand exactly what your needs are. We can provide you with ideas for your itinerary, maps for all the places that you will visit and offer suggestions on how best to engage students in their experience.

Do I need to organise travel insurance?

For international tours it is a condition of travel by G.E.T. that all passengers have comprehensive travel insurance. It is up to you to decide who you use. Participants might take out their own insurance or the tour leader might arrange for a group policy which will cover all participants. Please click on the quick link for Travel insurance on the bottom right for further information. For domestic tours we advise you take out travel insurance. Please contact us for a special school group insurance policy we can offer for domestic tours.

How long must a passport be valid for on international tours?

In general passports should be valid for 6 months UPON THE RETURN DATE INTO AUSTRALIA. However some countries can be visited on a passport that is valid for less time upon the return date into Australia. To find out more please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Do we need to get a visa for our international tour?

For most destinations a visa is not required for Australian or New Zealand passport holders. However for some countries like China, Russia, Vietnam and Turkey a visa will be required. Please contact us to find out about the procedure to obtain a visa and also if you have passengers travelling on a different passport than an Australian or New Zealand passport to any destination.

Will our bus to Central Australia have seatbelts?

All buses we use for our Australian tours have seatbelts, not just the ones we use to travel to Central Australia.

Can we take a student in a wheelchair on our tour to Sydney?

Yes you can. We can organise coaches for handicapped passengers for all our Australian tours, please ensure you let us know about this specific requirement though as early as possible.