French Exchange Program

                      French Exchange Program
                      French Exchange Program
                      French Exchange Program

The Concept

Experience the thrill of living in a French family and attending a local Lycée. Our unique “Living Lessons” French Exchange Program means students are not only immersed in French culture and language, they also enjoy the French experience of a lifetime. Perfect for students preparing for Year 12 and further tertiary education, this program gives students the opportunity to enhance their language skills, experience the independence of international travel in a safe environment and prepare for the future with confidence and maturity.

This tour is aimed at secondary school French language students, 16 years and older. Students will improve knowledge of French language and culture through an extended homestay and school program in France.


The Program

Selection process

1. Student/parent/teacher to complete the detailed application. This is very important as it is sent over to France and shown to potential host families.

2. Successful applicants invoiced for deposit of $1000. This is fully refundable until a host family has been sourced.

3. France will inform G.E.T whether applicants are successful or if further information is needed. Then they will begin the process of sourcing a suitable host family.

4. When host family details are sent through from France, these are then passed on to students, who are then able to contact the host family and get to know them.

5. Students then invoiced for airfare component.

6. Final invoice payable 65 days before departure.

Frequently asked questions

How old do I need to be?

You need to be 16-18 years of age on the date of departure from Australia.

Do I need to have studied French?

You need to have studied French for at least 2 years and be prepared to ‘have a go’.

Can I choose where I would like to go?

No. Families are chosen according to matching interests as much as possible. Your host family will not be living in Paris.

Will I have contact with my host family before I leave?

Yes, you will be given detailed information about your host family beforehand and be able to contact them and get to know them.

What happens when I arrive in Paris?

You will be met by our French representative and taken to the train. Once you arrive at your final destination, you will be met by your host family and your local counsellor.

Will I attend school?

Yes, you will attend a lycée.

Will my family have to host a French student in return?

No, this is not a reciprocal exchange program.

What if I have a problem while I am in France?

You will be assigned a local counsellor who will assist you if you are having a problem.

Will I need a visa?

If your program is 3 months or less a visa is not required for students travelling on an Australian or New Zealand passport. For longer programs, a visa is required. G.E.T Educational Tours will help you with advice about the process and provide necessary documents. The cost of a visa is not included in the program fee. To obtain a visa, applicants must attend a French Consulate in person for an appointment.

Can I use frequent flyer points to travel to and from France?

Yes, under certain conditions.  You will need to arrive in Paris on the same flight as the other students travelling from Australia.

Do I have to return to Australia immediately after the program is finished?

No.  Your parents may wish to meet you and travel elsewhere in France or Europe. We can arrange your return flight according to your wishes.

Can I travel to other parts of France or Europe while I am on exchange? 

You will not be allowed to travel on your own while taking part in the program.  You will be able to travel with your host family for weekends/short holidays if they have planned some activities for you and your parents in Australia are happy with this.