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The world is our classroom…Nat’s Canberra Ambassador Trip

Tuesday, 2 April 2024

The world is our classroom…Nat’s Canberra Ambassador Trip

Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to dive into the heart of our nation – Canberra – as part of the Canberra Ambassador Trip. It was an exhilarating journey packed with unforgettable experiences.

One highlight was my visit to the Australian War Memorial. Stepping into its hallowed halls, I was immediately struck by the solemn atmosphere and profound sense of history. I had the privilege of participating in a last post ceremony, a deeply moving tribute to those who have served our country. It was a moment of reflection that left a lasting impression on me.

Another standout was Questacon, a real mind-blower! It's like they took fun and learning and put it into overdrive. With interactive exhibits and mind-bending experiments, I felt like a kid in a candy store, soaking up knowledge and wonder at every turn.

Mount Ainslie was also another highlight. As I made my way up the mountain, the most breathtaking view unfolded before my eyes. The landscape, meticulously planned by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Griffin, stretched out in all its magnificent glory. From the iconic National Triangle to the serene beauty of the surrounding scenery, it was a sight to behold.

The National Arboretum Canberra was another hidden gem. Serene and stunning, it's home to the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection. Each tiny tree and miniature landscape was a work of art. Trying my hand at throwing an indigenous boomerang was an unforgettable thrill!

Cockington Green Gardens enchanted me with its whimsical charm, where miniature worlds came to life with every step. The intricate artistry and architecture captivated my imagination, leaving me in awe of human creativity.

Overall, the Canberra trip was a whirlwind of excitement and discovery, from solemn reflections to thrilling adventures. I can't wait to share my experiences, creating unforgettable tours for school groups and beyond.

Nat Weerachaiwat, Operations Specialist