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The world is our classroom…Lisa’s Canberra Ambassador Trip

Friday, 15 March 2024

The world is our classroom…Lisa’s Canberra Ambassador Trip

Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to explore The Heart of Our Nation – Canberra.

While on this Canberra Ambassador Trip I was able to see the beauty of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Griffin’s carefully curated vision for Canberra. The National Capital Exhibition houses an incredible display of this landscape, highlighting the three mountain peaks nestling the National Triangle.

One of these peaks was Mount Ainslie. As we drove up the mountain I was in awe of the luscious trees, glistening lakes and fresh air that filled the space around me. Here, I was able to look out and see the National Triangle for myself – and it was great!

As well as the beauty of Canberra, I enjoyed an array of fun activities and attractions. A few of my favourite places to see included Questacon (so much fun!), Canberra Deep Space and the National Zoo. We were lucky enough to visit the Zoo on a stunning day. The warm weather lured all the animals out of their hiding spaces – and I saw some of Australia’s incredible animals up close. Not only did I get to see Koalas napping in the tree only meters away, but I was also able to feed an emu (and nearly overcome my fear of big birds…).  As I held my hand out with treats provided by our Tour Guide for the emu to approach, I pulled out at the last second and watched from the sidelines – but it was still a really cool and unique experience. There were many statues and sculptures around the Zoo – such as this gigantic bear you can see my resting on. I’m sure students would love climbing these and posing for some photos!

Overall, I had a blast and look forward to using my experiences and knowledge to create more memorable tours for our School Groups.

Lisa Hawi, Operations Specialist