In the steps of the Romanovs

                      In the steps of the Romanovs
                      In the steps of the Romanovs
                      In the steps of the Romanovs

The Concept


G.E.T is offering an air and land package for Australian participants, and a land-only component for international participants. Prices listed next to the price tag above.

The tour will focus on the final 18 months (1916-1918) in the life of Russia's last imperial family Romanov. Their photographs, diaries and letters will be used to help us relive their experiences, from the revolution torn Petrograd to the "Red" Ekaterinburg. We will start in Tsarskoe Selo with their wartime efforts at the infirmaries, their daily attendances of prayer services at local churches, their visits to orphanages, and burials of their beloved patients. We will also visit places where they went regularly such as Anna Vyrubova's house, Peterhof and Yelagin Palace.  We will enter the Yusupov Palace where their 'friend' Grigori Rasputin was murdered in late 1916 and take a peek at the apartment where he lived just prior to his death.  We will relive the Tsar’s abdication and retrace the steps of his sad last ride from the imperial train station to the Alexander Palace. We will experience the family's life under house arrest by walking around the Alexander Park - where they planted a garden, broke ice on canals, cut trees for firewood and took walks followed by guards. 

During our time in St Petersburg we will visit additional locations, including the cathedral where the remains of the imperial family are currently entombed. We will then follow the Romanovs to Siberia and enter the Governor’s mansion in Tobolsk where the family lived in captivity for almost a year. We will then head back towards Urals through Tyumen, making a stop in Pokrovskoye village, Rasputin's hometown. We will stand in the same spot the Romanovs stood - in front of Rasputin's house, when on Easter of 1918 they changed horses during their transfer to Ekaterinburg. We will then travel to Alapaevsk where Grand Duchess Elisabeth, the Tsarina’s sister and other members of the Romanov family, were imprisoned and ultimately murdered.  Our journey will conclude in Ekaterinburg, where 'The House of Special Purpose' - the last prison of the Russian imperial family - once stood. We will pay respects in the exact spot they were murdered 100 years ago, and we will remember and honour them at their original burial site in the woods outside the city limits.

For more information on the history of the Romanov family, please visit the Romanov website.

Itinerary Day By Day


Your tour begins at St. Petersburg airport Pulkovo where you meet your tour director – fully licensed St. Petersburg guide who will perform all the tours in St. Petersburg and will accompany the group in Siberia. Your coach will transfer you to your Pushkin/Tzarskoe Selo hotel where you will stay. Your tour commences with a short guided Pushkin city tour by coach ending at the entrance to your hotel. Dinner and discussion this evening.


After breakfast at your hotel, commence your walking tour of Tzarskoe Selo. Guided visit into the Catherine’s Palace (including the world famous Amber room) and the park, followed by a guided visit to The Lyceum, a boarding school for the children of nobility, including its most famous student, Alexander Pushkin and a possible visit to the original location of Rasputin's grave with a local historian (to be confirmed). A few additional points of interest as time allows. Dinner and discussion this evening.


After breakfast, transfer to St Petersburg. Visit Yelagin Island and the palace of Dowager Empress. The walking tour of places related to the WWI and start of revolution includes guided visit into the St Peter and Paul Fortress to visit the St. Peter and Paul Fortress where the Romanov family are buried, Smolny, Kschessinska's mansion, Rasputin apartment (outside) on Gorokhovaya Street, 64. Afternoon - guided visit into the Yousoupov palace to view the place where the most famous and rich noble family of Russia lived and visit the rooms where Rasputin was murdered. Late afternoon arrival to your hotel. Dinner and discussion tonight.


After breakfast, transfer by private coach to Gatchina. This day will be mostly focused on Grand Duke Michael, the Tsar’s brother, and his letters and diaries. Gatchina is also the birthplace of Nicholas II, where he lived with his family prior to marriage. Visit the Gatchina Palace – original residence of Duke Orlov, later palazzo of Pavel I, his son - Alexandre I and so on. Palace was opened to public in 1918 as a museum. Being badly damaged by Nazi troops this Palace was under very long restoration and was opened to public once again in 1985. Visit the Priory palace, constructed as the Russian residence of the Order of Malta. Afternoon – travel to Petersburg by coach for the guided visit into the Hermitage. Evening arrival to your hotel by coach. Dinner, discussion and private coach transfer back to your hotel.


After your breakfast this morning, take your private coach to Peterhof. Enter the Lower park for the guided visit into the Grand Palace, followed by the visit into the Caves. Walk along the park with a view of the numerous fountains and places from photographs and diaries, ruins of Lower Dacha, the surviving and restored palaces and park, the Gulf of Finland beach, and more. Dinner at a Peterhof restaurant before your private transfer by coach back to hotel.


Today has been allocated as a free day for you to explore St. Petersburg at your leisure. Suggestions include The Catherine Palace in Pushkin, where the famous Amber Room is located; Faberge Museum in St Petersburg, and other historical sights of interest. Dinner and discussion this evening at the hotel or a city restaurant.


After breakfast check out of the hotel. Board your coach for the transfer to St. Petersburg where you visit the Faberge museum. Afternoon – guided visit into the Alexander Pushkin's apartment on Moyka river embankment. Transfer to Pulkovo airport for your flight to Tyumen. On arrival board your coach for the transfer to your hotel Eurasia. Check-in and overnight. Your packed dinner to be provided at the reception desk.


After breakfast at your hotel this morning check-out and board your coach. City sight seeing guided tour to include a visit into the train station where the Romanov family initially arrived from St Petersburg and where they boarded the steamer to Tobolsk. Afternoon – coach transfer to Tobolsk. Upon arrival to Tobolsk check into your hotel Georgievskaya. Later that evening meet for dinner, including a discussion of photos, diary entries and letters from Tobolsk.


After breakfast, check-out and board your coach for the city short orientation tour to include a visit into the Romanov Museum (Governor's mansion), before having some leisure time this afternoon to explore the city. Transfer by private coach to Pokrovskoye Village to see the Rasputin House Museum, then it’s onto to Tyumen where you will enjoy dinner and discussion this evening at your hotel.


After an early breakfast check-out, board your coach for your private transfer to Ekaterinburg. On arrival enjoy the city sight seeing guided tour to introduce you to Ekaterinburg, named Sverdlovsk during the Soviet period. Check into your hotel Park Inn Ekaterinburg, hotel Visotsky ( or hotel Onegin. This evening enjoy dinner, and no doubt a lively discussion with letters and diaries from Ekaterinburg.


After breakfast, board your coach for the Full Day trip to Alapaevsk to see the Romanov Memorial monastery. Visit Grand Duchess Elizabeth memorial and the Tchaikovsky museum. View the St. Trinity Cathedral, where bodies of the Romanv family were brought. Evening arrival to Ekaterinburg. Dinner and discussion at your hotel.


Walking tour of Ekaterinburg to visit the Cathedral on the Blood and possibly attend a prayer service, the Romanov Museum, and the original burial location. Discussion about life of the Romanov family in Ekaterinburg based on their diaries and letters, and their murders (based on eyewitness accounts). Enjoy some leisure time in Ekaterinburg as time allows, before this evening’s farewell dinner together and discussion.

DAY 13 EKATERINBURG to Australia

After breakfast this morning, transfer to Ekaterinburg, airport for the flight home.

  • 6 nights B&B accommodation at the 4 star hotel Potyomkin in Pushkin (St. Petersburg) in twins with private facilities
  • 2 nights B&B accommodation at the 4 star hotel Eurasia in Tyumen in twins with private facilities
  • 1 night B&B accommodation at the 3 star hotel Georgievskaya in Tobolsk in twins with private facilities
  • 3 nights B&B accommodation at the 4 star hotel Park Inn, Visotsky or Onegin in Ekaterinburg in twins with private facilities
  • Economy flight St. Petersburg – Tyumen
  • Transfers by coach from/to airports
  • 24 hrs English speaking guide’s/tour director assistance throughout the tour from arrival to St. Petersburg to departure from Ekaterinburg
  • 4 Full Day coach use in St. Petersburg
  • Dinner daily
  • Fully inclusive coach for group while in Siberia from arrival to Tyumen to departure from Ekaterinburg
  • Local guides in Siberia where necessary
  • Entrances in St. Petersburg into the: Catherine’s Palace and Park in Tzarskoe Selo Pushkin Lyceum St. Peter and Paul Fortress (and Cathedral) Yusupov Palace (including the Rasputin’s room)
  • Gatchinsky Palace and park in Gatchina
  • Grand Palace, Caves, Lower and Upper park in Peterhof
  • Faberge Museum
  • Rasputin’s house-museum in Pokrovskoe Village near Tyumen
  • Entrances in Alapaevsk into the: Memorial Romanov monastery and Tchaikovsky museum
  • Entrances in Ekaterinburg into the: ‘Church on the Blood’ and Romanov museum
  • Registration fee
  • Local taxes and service charges